I read about the Beans WordPress Framework in September 2015 in an article at WPLift.
My gut feeling told me that Beans is a powerful framework something that I could over time learn more about and also gradually make a transition from using Genesis to Beans.

I find it difficult to learn and not as easy to create a good looking and useful theme as I hoped for,  but I have been itching for a few months now wanting to create a Beans focused site. So I thought about the name WP Beans Framework as the strongest name that I could think of. It just stuck to me and I asked Thierry the developer of Beans about it and he said just go for it. It took a few months to mature and suddenly on Friday the day after Thanksgiving I was struck but  this whirl wind of action. Suddenly I had purchased the domain and updated the Beans starter theme to the live site.

The site will gradually be improved, and I will gradually also add tutorials to the blog. I am learning about Beans and through my own learning process I will also add step by step easy to follow hands-on tutorials.

I could have called the site something else that focused on tutorials, but I wanted to leave it open to future possibilities that can come up.

I have worked as a media teacher in high school and these days I work within Norways largest online education system NKI as a online teacher within web development and interaction design. I create web sites and teach companies Adobe products and WordPress. I run the web site https://www.easywebdesigntutorials.com/

If you have a Beans tutorial you would like to share with me please do as I have a lot of learning to do. I appreciate any help along the way.

Paal Joachim Romdahl
29 November 2016

Btw Tonya Mork who has herself created StudioPress Genesis tutorials have started using Beans and is also co-maintaining the Beans Framework: hellofromtonya.com/blog/met-beans-theme-framework/


7 September 2018.

Version 2 of this web site is now in place. There is more available information from various child themes and information on the support forums to piece together various tutorials. I have begun the full switch to only using Beans child themes and have done so for the last few client jobs as well.

I really appreciate the progress I have made. It is slow going but worth it.