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Voyager (not yet finished. It needs additional testers.)


Plugins (Has not been updated for a while.)  (An easy-on-the-eyes darker Atom theme)

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Some of the above themes are used for these web sites: , and (training material) Used here:

jcmrs themes:

Fast Monkey
Human Droid

various themes from Theme Butler:
Preview: Used here: Demo: Used here:


Beans on Youtube


Some articles about the Beans Framework

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17 Feb 2016 – Beans – A nice WordPress theme framework
Sep 2015 – An Introduction to Beans: A Free Light-Weight WordPress Theme Framework
21 Oct 2015 – Beans: An Easy, Free and Lightweight WordPress Theme Framework
17 Nov 2015 – Introducing Beans: A Streamlined WordPress Framework

Some web sites that use Beans