Beans was last updated in the fall of 2018. I would advise to find another theme/framework to use.

Check this thread:

I am experimenting with various themes.

Go directly to the Beans tutorials

I have decided back in 2015 to use the Beans Framework to build various web sites. There were some tutorials spread through the forums at the Get Beans web site, I was able to piece a very few. Often I had to go back to using Genesis child themes. In november of 2016 I built the first version of this tutorial site.

What you see now 7 september 2018 is version two. I know a lot more how to use Beans today then a year ago. That is mostly because of various code snippets people share at the forums. I have lately begun the full switch over to just using Beans child themes.

To go to the official Get Beans web site for additional documentation, forums and the official child theme. There is also a Slack channel to talk about the Beans Framework.

For the top reasons why to go with Beans check out Tonyas blog post
Then I Met Beans Theme Framework.

For additional WordPress tutorials see my Easy Web Design Tutorials web site. (Still using a Genesis child theme.)